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Blind Jakey Clara Dotey

Blind Jakey

Clara Dotey

Published 1869
144 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This is truly the height of bizarre sentimental Victorian moralistic gibberish. Since I dont recommend it, Im going to spoil it for you: Jakey is blind. Hes pitiable, but smart, industrious, and has a heart of gold. He reads Pilgrims Progress and strives to be of good moral character. Naturally, hes the perfect child save for being blind. So exactly what is the moral of the story when he wishes he could die so he could be in heaven with his mother and then he subsequently (while out playing with his over-privileged little sighted friends), gets run over by a train? If youre blind, be good and hope for death?Nice.So yes, he dies, but what a happy ending, right? Because in heaven, nobody is blind!