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Transgressions Volume 2, 3 novellas Ed McBain

Transgressions Volume 2, 3 novellas

Ed McBain

Published April 16th 2010
ISBN : 9781615555987
179 pages
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 About the Book 

Just about an average collection of novellas. Kings story had an interesting premise: a man who didnt show up for work on 9/11 at the Towers lost all his friends in the bombing. Later, he starts to find things that belonged to the dead friends and no matter how many times he disposes them off, they find their way back to his house. The story was sufficiently creepy but the resolution was kind of plain and lame.Mosleys novella was hardly anything to write home about. Archibald Lawless, the mysterious giant of a man hires a college student to do some research for him. Soon, the student discovers that Lawlesss work straddles the line between legal and illegal. A plain vanilla story with no surprises in store.Blocks novella was probably the best of the three. It was about Keller, a contract killer, who for the first time in his life begins to question that how long he could keep on doing his kind of work. Although, the job Keller carried out in the story wasnt that interesting, but some dry wit and above-average writing kept the story moving along.