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Into The Night (Into the Heart, #2) Caitlyn Willows

Into The Night (Into the Heart, #2)

Caitlyn Willows

Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Its an experience too farfetched to be real, but Trina Tate knows she holds the memories of another womans soul. Memories that cry out to be with the man, the king, she once loved. Drawn to the park each night Trina watches shape-shifting black jaguars running...and mating...and craves to be a part of that. Is she shifting herself or is that too only memory?After losing the love of his life twice, Wyatt Caldwell has resolved himself to a life without his soulmate. Duty now occupies him -- duty as head of Braden Institute, duty as leader of the shape-shifters. But once he sees Trina roaming, searching the park fully nude, body and soul calling for his touch, how could he possibly resist? How could any of the pack resist when she bears the essence of the queen they lost?