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Love Hurts: BWWM Romance Compilation Desean Rambo

Love Hurts: BWWM Romance Compilation

Desean Rambo

Kindle Edition
494 pages
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 About the Book 

This set will only be sold for a LIMITED amount of time! ***Ends November 2014***Love Hurts is the compilation of the best BWWM (black woman, white male) romance stories from author Desean Rambo!Inside Dishonorably Discharged we meet Kate Rowland. Shes the happily married wife of a Marine until one night things change for the worst. Kates life seems like it is in complete shambles until she fatefully meets a tall, handsome gentleman who sends her life down a roller coaster she never saw coming.Follow Kate as she makes hard decisions and puts the pieces of her life back together!Inside Wrestling the Russian we follow Brianna Hall, a 25 college grad with no hope, desire, or love in her life. Briannas had a lifelong dream to become a professional wrestler, the only problem is she doesnt know where to begin.Follow Brianna as she chases her dreams and meets a very interesting young man who she cant quite figure out, yet cant quite live without either.Each story is packed with ups, downs, thrills, loss, and of course exhilarating moments of passion!