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Sundance Choice Literature Joseph F. Trimmer

Sundance Choice Literature

Joseph F. Trimmer

Published June 1st 2005
ISBN : 9781413011241
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 About the Book 

The first literature database created for the introduction to literature market, Wadsworths SUNDANCE CHOICE LITERATURE is a print on demand solution that allows you to easily build your own text and corresponding technology program. With a growing library that includes the classic pieces that your students study, Sundance Choice offers a less expensive and less bulky alternative to the traditional anthology. Edited by a well-known author, Joe Trimmer, each selection contains a headnote of biographical information. To help you contextualize the teaching of writing in your course, there are seven full chapters on writing and research including ones on documenting sources and a handbook. Chapters can be supplemented with as much of your own material as youd like, including handouts, paper assignments, student papers, or any other course materials. Two CD-ROMs-Poetry21 and Lit21-designed specifically for literature courses, provide every student with audio recordings of poetry, engaging video, instruction in the elements of literature, and The Explicator-Wadsworths close-reading tool that helps students create notes for their explication or analysis papers, and generate notes on supporting evidence from the texts for their other papers. There are two easy ways to look through the available literature in the SUNDANCE CHOICE database and order your anthology. 1.) Wadsworth provides a sampler with the entire list of selections, sample readings and apparatus, and an easy to FAX order form. Contact your Cengage Learning representative or academic.cengage.com for your copy. 2.) visit custom.cengage.com/sundance for the same information, the ability to browse through the text of many readings, and Online ordering. Wadsworth is a part of Cengage Learning.