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So Close, So Far Teddy Key

So Close, So Far

Teddy Key

Published July 1st 2007
ISBN : 9780978831813
268 pages
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 About the Book 

What could the wealthy residents of the Hamptons have in common with the street merchants of the ghettos of New York City and how could the two worlds collide? Come take the journey with two generations of hustlers from the Cain Family as they attempt to claim their piece of the hustling trade. See how lessons of friendship and betrayal are learned, first hand. Zandell Cain is imprisoned for 20 years for his participation in the drug trade. He entrusts his life long friend, Legs with the upbringing of his only son, Lil Zan. As a young adult, Lil Zan follows in the footsteps of his father and makes his living in the streets, becoming a trusted member of a feared group known as The Family and their fearless leader Fire. He finds that sex, money and murder are every day tools needed for his survival. Lil Zan encounters a gorgeous young woman by the name of Beauty who is raised by the Lipscomb family, a prominent and wealthy political family in the Hamptons, with their own problems and many dark secrets. Come for a ride in limousines and private jets. Visit the grand openings, strip clubs, tropical islands, comedy clubs, recording studios, basketball tournaments and more. Share the ups and downs as these characters try to live their dreams only to find that theyre So Close, yet So Far.